Highland Garden Tours Native Woodland

Here at our home in Strathconon, we are in the process of creating a new native woodland, featuring cherry, silver birch, rowan, alder and juniper.  Native hedgerow species will also be planted including blackthorn, hawthorn, hazel and wild roses.  Our aim is to rewild a hectare of land and to return it to nature.

As part of our pledge to the environment, it is our way of giving back to the land. In addition to our own commitments, we will plant a native tree for every booking with Highland Garden Tours as a means to help offset out carbon omissions.  The tree will hopefully serve as a lasting legacy and fond memory of your trip with us to the Highlands.  A tree of your choice will be planted and tagged in the autumn with your name or dedication and a certificate issued that you too have contributed.

Highland Garden Tours have created a small nursery to nurture the young saplings so that one day we will have our own Highland Garden and woodland that we can share with you all.